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Change-of-address letters are being mailed in three waves to residents of Montour County, Riverside Borough and Rush Township.

The first wave of letters was sent on June 14, 2017, to the following zip codes:

17756, 17772, 17777

17801, 17815,17824,

17847, 17820, 17857

The second wave of letters was sent to half of Danville (17821) on July 14.

The third wave for the remainder of the Danville 17821 zip code was mailed August 15 and 16.

Should you receive an additional change-of-address notice, please call the GIS office at 570-387-4930. This can happen if parcel boundaries are incorrect. In other instances, the address may have differed from the Montour County Assessment Office address, so a second mailing was sent to the Assessment Office address. This would apply to a tenant/landlord situation where both parties need to be notified.


We coordinated the readdressing process with the Postal Service, which linked your current address with your new 911 address.

The Postal Service makes available updated address lists on a monthly basis which government and commercial entities – such as banks and insurance companies – use to update their own databases. It may take some time until these agencies recognize your new address.

It is advisable to allow these entities some time for that process to occur and for their respective databases to be updated prior to you notifying them of your new address.

As noted earlier in the process, the Postal Service will continue to deliver mail to your current address for one year from the date of your notification.

Please be advised that the Danville Borough Sewer and Water Department does not need to be notified of new address information. The Borough will update addresses through a database.

If you have any questions about your address notification, please call 570-387-4930.